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Muskaan Laser Dental Clinic, Kanpur, India

Muskaan Laser Dental Clinic, Kanpur, India


Perhaps the only Dental Clinic in Kanpur city, providing Laser Dentistry, Laser associated Dental treatments, as well as almost all kinds of advanced and modern dental and facial esthetic treatments. 


Run by :-


Dr. Hari Shankar Gupta 

(B. D. S. {MANIPAL} , F.A.G.E.)


Timings : -

Monday.        - 12pm - 6pm

Tuesday        - 12pm - 6pm

Wednesday  - 12pm - 6pm

Thursday      - Only on Appointment

Friday           -  12pm - 6pm

Saturday.     -  12pm - 6pm

Sunday        -  Only on Appointment 

​​​​​​Please Log in here, to see our cases and treatments in detail. 

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Contact Number9235899099
Contact Number9335046210




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